Combining ancient wisdom, science, and technology to build a meaningful and happy life.


Everyone wants to be happy. But what that means in the digital age and how to achieve it is rather complex. In a world of constant access to information we need to rediscover what nourishes us from the inside and what harms us in the long run. Rewire Happiness supports you in this journey and provides you with solutions to thrive in the digital world. 

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Imagine a world where technology supports your life instead of controls it!


Feel like as if you just came back from vacation - everyday!

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Signature Workshops/Speaking

Rewire Happiness Manuals

Online Course

I provide customized workshops, keynotes, coaching and consulting to change people's engagement with technologies to improve their overall well-being, productivity, and health.

Practical downloadable manuals that provide you with short wisdom and science-based principles on how to use your technologies in your everyday life to increase your meaning in life, productivity and happiness.

If you are ready to dive deeper into the science of how to live a meaningful life in the digital age and take the next step in improving your life for the long run, this online course is for you.

Corporate Yoga

Simple office yoga poses and short (3-5 minutes) follow-along videos for yoga at the workplace that help you to reduce stress during your work-day. No matt or change of clothes required.


Find useful lists of books, TED-Talks, videos, movies, podcasts and more on the topic of meaning in life, technology and happiness, social media, and positive psychology

What are your greatest challenges with technology? What would you like to know to rewire your happiness? Let me know, so I can serve you best!

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