About Rewire Happiness

Rewire Happiness provides you with science-based tools on how to live a meaningful and happy life in the digital age.


Rewire Happiness provides solutions for living mindfully and purposefully with technology in everyday life and thus, shift the conversation from an ‘unplugging only solution’ to a ‘rewiring how we use technology best’ discussion.


The development of technology is faster than our ability to adjust to it. Rewire Happiness tries to fill this gap by providing you a toolbox full of hacks that you can apply to your technology based work - and personal life to become happier, more balanced, productive and fulfilled.


The tools Rewire Happiness provides for living a more meaningful and happy life in the digital world, are based on ancient wisdom philosophies, positive psychology, media psychology and communication science.


Good things require effort and time. That is why Rewire Happiness does not focus on quick fixes, but instead on sustainable tools that lead to lasting life changes that are adaptable to the ever changing world of technology we live in.


Even though our technologies are literally “in” our hands, the way they determine our lives (and not always for the best) is "out of our hands" more than ever. With the fast evolution of technology in today’s world, it is indispensable to develop a “technology manual” for how to best apply these technologies in our lives to forward humanity rather than only the economy. We can demand more “humane” technologies from the tech companies, but that can still take a while (if it will happen at all). Until then, it is on us to use our technologies in ways they serve our well-being. Rewire Happiness is here to serve that purpose.



My name is Dr. Sophie H. Janicke-Bowles. I am a researcher, teacher, and speaker, passionate about sharing the science of positive media psychology, which essentially is all about how to live a life full of meaning, fulfillment and happiness in the age of media saturation and digital distraction. I am working as an Assistant Professor at the School of Communication at Chapman University exploring how media and technologies can help us to become better people. I know, this is quite the optimistic viewpoint, but that very much describes who I am. I believe that it is my duty as a scholar to translate my own research and that of my colleagues into action that benefits the everyday person in their struggles to find happiness and fulfillment in their technology-filled lives. My work spans across many areas of science, philosophy, and of course, technology, which provides me with the perfect combination of knowledge to develop practical life hacks to rewire our happiness in this DNAge of constant distractions.

I believe in an optimal interplay between our technology use and living a meaningful life. Providing others (and myself!) with useful strategies how to handle media and technology so that it enhances our well-being rather than distracts from it, is my inspiration for my work at Rewire Happiness.

About me

I like technology. –

I also like to live a peaceful life, full of meaning and deep happiness. –

And I believe the two can be perfectly aligned.


What are your greatest challenges with technology? What would you like to know to rewire your happiness? Let me know, so I can serve you best!