Online Course (Jan 11, 2021)

Hosted by Digital Wellness Institute

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of Digital Wellness and applying it to your work? 
You're in the right place.

This Certification Program is designed for health promotion practitioners, organizational leaders, and e-learning advocates looking to level-up their understanding and application of digital wellness.

Digital Wellness Online Course

Digital Wellness Certificate Program hosted by Digital Wellness Institute

I am excited to co-host this 10-week certification program, which is designed to equip leaders and practitioners with research-based tools and strategies to help foster digital flourishing.

Third cohort: Jan 11 - March 19

Course Objectives


  • Understand key terminology of digital wellness and the attention economy

  • Identify the warning signs of technology addiction, technology dependency, and digital distress

  • Understand current technology trends and their impact on human behavior

  • Understand the impact of mainstream technologies on mindfulness in society

  • Discuss the design and regulation of technology for digital health


  • Speak authoritatively about the eight components of Digital Flourishing™

  • Discover practices aimed specifically at improving our relationship with technology

  • Model the prevention of and recovery from digital burnout and sensory overload


  • Coach for effective digital boundaries and intentional technology practices

  • Assess and track digital wellness over time using research-based methodologies

To get a glimpse of the info you will learn, check out my Blog and Rewire Happiness Manuals