5 Simple Ways to Rewire Your Happiness Today:



  1. Disable notifications from everything that does not directly come from a person (social media, news, apps). It can take up to 20 minutes to re-focus after being distracted. Get done more, faster.

  2. Substitute your regular news with inspirational news 3x a week (i.e., GGSC , Karmatube, Good news network). There IS good in the world. 

  3. Take a #RealBreak and unplug from technology for only 10 minutes a day. Let your brain re-charge. 

  4. On average, connect with people more so than impersonal information (news, videos, text).

  5. Use organization apps like Todoist , 24 me , Unroll.me , Sanebox. Let technology do the busy work for you so you can go and change the world. 






Signature Workshops

mindfuness workshop

Finding meaning and happiness in a world of constant distractions is not an easy endeavor. Based on my vision at Rewire Happiness I provide signature workshops for your organization based on 2 main areas:

  • Happiness in the digital age

    • how to get more done and be well at the same time

    • 10 simple hacks for balanced living in the digital age

  • Corporate Yoga

    • work better and with more ease without back pain, neck pain and headaches. Let stress be in the past and thriving be your future. 

Rewire Happiness Manuals

Searching for direction in life

If you feel overwhelmed, distracted, frustrated, unknowledgeable, or dissatisfied with your technology use, or you simply want to improve your happiness or find deeper meaning in life, check out my simple Rewire Happiness Manuals.


You will learn simple strategies to improve your productivity, meaning in life, happiness, and peacefulness by integrating your technologies in your life in a way they support, instead of distracting you from your goals.

Online Course

online course

If you are ready to bring your happiness and meaning in life to the next level, this online course is for you. Step by step you will learn how to substitute your old habits with new ones that support your personal growth, meaning in life and happiness.

Learn about

  • the science of positive media psychology

  • the effects of social media on our well-being

  • habit change that leads to sustainable happiness

  • ...and more



Interested in becoming part of a community that supports each other to create healthier technology habits? Then the #RealBreak Community is for you.

In today's fast pacing world the easiest thing in the world--doing nothing--seems to have become the hardest thing in the world. The purpose of this group is to support each other to take a #RealBreak during our workday in which we unplug from technology for just 10-15 minutes and just BE. Check it out!

#RealBreak Facebook Community

What does it take to become happy and fulfilled in a world of 2.0’s, tweets, likes, and shares? Can technology be an assistant for living a balanced life? Join the Rewire Happiness Facebook Community to learn about the newest releases on my web page, including scientific articles, rewire happiness manual releases and new blog posts about how to live a meaningful, peaceful and happy life by utilizing your smartphone and media in a way they support you in this process. 

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