Rewire Happiness Manuals

Technology-Values Awareness Guide

Sometimes it is important to STOP and take inventory. What are my values in life? How do I arrange my life according to those values? How does my technology serve me in this process? This Handout will help you to determine what values you have that guide your life decisions and how you use your technology to support your values (or not). You will learn about some simple hacks for how to take more control of your phone so that it can help you live a life that is true to what you value.

5 Hacks to Create Happiness At Work

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It aids our work, helps us plan, provides entertainment and connects us with others. On the other hand, it also makes us less productive, anxious, reduces our self-esteem and highjacks our brain so we become constantly checking smartphone zombies. But, we have the power to choose how we want to use our technologies, if we only knew just a little bit better how they and we work. This Manual will provide you with 5 tools for how to use your technologies to become happier at work. 

Reduce your Stress at Work: 5 Easy Mindulness Practices for the Everyday

Do you feel constantly out of time, rushed, and under pressure? You want to make time to relax and breathe but you simply feel like the day does not have enough hours to accomplish everything? Self-care does not always require extra time but can simply be accomplished by using the time we have more wisely. In this Manual, you will find 5 simple ways to relax your mind in your everyday work-life without carving out extra time. It's simple, short and it works!

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