Here are some example videos from workshops I gave about mindfulness at the workplace:

Corporate Yoga


​Learn how to work better and with more ease without back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Let stress be in the past and thriving be your future. 

Happiness in the digital age

​Learn how to get more done and be well at the same time. Aquire 10 simple hacks for a balanced living in the digital age.

The best employee is healthy, happy and fulfilled. Here is how to foster a thriving work culture in the digital age:


Select from 5 Signature Workshops

  1. Stress reduction at work

  2. Mindfulness in the digital age 

  3. Building sustainable productivity

  4. Social media health

  5. Healthy technology habits

Select from 4 different Yoga offerings

  1. Back health for office workers

  2. Neck & Shoulder health for office workers

  3. Lunch Yoga

  4. After-Hour Yoga

Signature Workshops

Are you interested in having Dr. Sophie H. Janicke-Bowles speak at your organization or event?


  • Lunch and Learn: $400

  • Mix and match 3 L&L or 3h workshop: $1000

  • 6 week intensive: $2000

  • special pricing for regular corporate yoga sessions (send Inquiry)


* travel expenses not included

What you get: 

  • Scientifically validated insight and practices to increase work-life well-being in the digital age 

  • Reminder card for employees desk

  • Access to presentation to share with colleagues 

  • Free membership to rewire-happiness intimate community 


  • 60-minute Lunch and Learn

  • 3h corporate retreat workshop

  • 6-week intensive (includes additional deliverables)

  • Customized seminars


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